Business Services

Business Services

At the Business Law Group, we handle a wide variety of corporate and business matters for our clients.  We have substantial experience representing clients with most corporate matters and legal issues facing their businesses. Our expertise in these areas will provide you with the highest quality legal representation for your business. In addition, the Business Law Group makes sure that its billing rates are very reasonable, providing our clients with both competent representation and the best value for their legal needs.

If you are considering starting a business or have an existing business that is facing pending legal issues, contact the Business Law Group for a free consultation. If you are a business owner or other key decision maker and your business is in need of regular legal advice, but you don’t like being charged for every communication with your attorneys or the experience of fluctuating invoices for legal services, then you should also consider our custom General Counsel Packages.

General Counsel

In addition to corporate, employment, and contract issues, businesses face a wide variety of legal issues that affect the success of their operation. When a business faces an important legal decision but…

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Contract Issues

Most businesses perform existing contracts and enter into new contracts on a daily basis.  It is extremely important for businesses to understand the terms of a contract before they enter into it.…

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Employment Issues

In addition to its owners, most businesses need to hire employees to assure a successful operation.  There are several issues that arise and should be considered by business owners when employees are…

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Corporate Compliance

Depending on the specific business, there are likely a number of state and federal statutes with which your business must comply.  One of the most basic on the state level is complying…

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Governance Documents

Once you have formed your business entity, you should have documents drafted that the control the operation of the business, including the rights and obligations of its owners.  Depending on the type…

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Entity Formation

There are a number of issues to consider when determining whether to form a business, including whether to operate the business as a sole proprietorship, a corporation (subchapter S or subchapter C),…

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The Business Law Group was founded by Ryan Van Osdol, an attorney with more than a decade of experience in commercial litigation and advising businesses on key legal decisions. Mr. Van Osdol has been recognized by Illinois Super Lawyers for 8 years in a row and holds Martindale-Hubbel's Preeminent ranking for the highest level of professional excellence. Mr. Van Osdol formed the Business Law Group for the purpose of providing general counsel to small and medium sized businesses.


“Ryan Van Osdol has been exceptional to work with. The combination of his analytical and communication skills has made him a perfect fit to help our expanding company. Ryan’s youthful energy and strong legal background has been a huge asset to our company’s growth and well-being. I highly recommend the Business Law Group!”

-Matthew Pray, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Beckatt Solutions, LLC

“While modern networking & social media platforms have made referrals as easy as a left mouse click, the average integrity of the modern service provider has left me reluctant to recommend many professionals. I count on a single hand those who I would recommend without reservation, and Ryan Van Osdol is one referral that I am proud to make. My experience with Ryan Van Osdol’s representation is above and beyond.”

-Joseph McClure, Chief Financial Officer, The Custom Companies, Inc.

“Ryan Van Osdol represented us in a sophisticated and complicated business dispute. Ryan’s vast knowledge of business law and ability to explain multiple outcomes and scenarios made all the difference. We started with an attorney and ended up with a friend. Highly recommended!”

-Michael Pawula, Co-Owner and Director of Operations, B-Bam Logistics, Inc.

“Ryan Van Osdol has represented me in various personal and business legal matters. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable about the law, and I would be confident in referring Ryan to any individual or business that is need of a competent and professional attorney.”

-John Buchmiller, Owner, Founder, and Managing Member, John Buchmiller & Associates, LLC

“I have 35 years’ experience practicing law and training young lawyers. During this time, I found Ryan to be one of the most talented, conscientious, and successful litigators that I have had the privilege of mentoring. Together with me and alone by himself, Ryan achieved fantastic and successful results at DiMonte and Lizak with numerous difficult and complex litigation cases. I would highly recommend Ryan for any difficult legal problem/litigation dispute.”

-Riccardo DiMonte, Co-Owner and Managing Member, DiMonte & Lizak, LLC

“As a fellow member of the Chicago legal community, I have had the opportunity to witness first-hand Ryan's commitment to his clients. Ryan always seeks to deliver cost effective and solution-oriented results and engages in the practice of law with the highest integrity. He maintains a strong depth of knowledge on a wide variety of legal issues, and I have found him to be a skilled practitioner in both the court room and the board room.”

-Daniel Bryer, Insurance Operations Legal Counsel, Allstate Insurance

“Ryan is incredible. He is extremely responsive, thorough in his communication and is willing to explain any concern at length. His experience and extensive knowledge provides our Company with the utmost protection and security. Ryan is our biggest champion and truly has our Company’s best interest at heart. We are able to do what we do because we have Ryan in our corner. We are grateful for all he does and anyone would be lucky to have his representation.”

-Sara Moss, Director of Finance, Female Quotient, LLC

"We hired Ryan Van Osdol at the Business Law Group to create contracts for our monthly marketing services.  He was incredibly prompt, professional and he took care of exactly what we needed.  We were able to focus on our business which is selling and creating marketing products for businesses while he handled the legal end.  It's a huge weight off of our shoulders to have a trusted attorney backing up our business."


-Richard Christakes, Managing Partner and Co-Owner, True Mtn, LLC

“Ryan Van Osdol has competently represented my business in the difficult collection of a substantial judgment.  His legal knowledge and ability to execute a well-planned strategy has forced the hands of multiple judgment debtors that were actively attempting to avoid our collection efforts.  Ryan has also done an excellent job in representing my other businesses regarding insurance disputes and corporate matters.  It has been a pleasure working with him and I look forward to being represented by the Business Law Group for years to come.  In addition to his legal counsel, Ryan has also become a friend, who I enjoy spending time with socially.”


-Joe Leahy, President and Owner, Catmet Company, Inc. and Recovered Asset Management, Inc.