Contract Actions

Individuals and business entities enter into contracts every single day that range from minimal, non-financial obligations to the most substantial financial transactions imaginable.  Every contract creates rights and obligations of all parties to the contract.  When a party breaches a contract and fails to perform its obligations, it usually results in harm being caused to one or more of the other parties to the contract.  Accordingly, individuals and businesses frequently file lawsuits that sound in breach of contract.

Our attorneys have a broad range of experience in contract actions, as well as the relief that can be sought in such lawsuits.  On the one hand, some parties seeking to enforce a contract will want to recover monetary damages.  On the other hand, some parties seeking to enforce a contract will want the other parties to perform their obligations, so they will demand specific performance.  We have successfully represented clients in both recovering monetary damages for breach of contract, as well as obtaining injunctive relief, including specific performance. 

If you have questions about your rights or obligations under a contract, whether to file a lawsuit for breach of contract, or how to defend against a breach of contract lawsuit that has been filed against you, contact the Business Law Group for a free consultation to discuss your rights and the best strategy for proceeding.

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