Contract Issues

Most businesses perform existing contracts and enter into new contracts on a daily basis.  It is extremely important for businesses to understand the terms of a contract before they enter into it. Our attorneys have extensive experience in reviewing contracts and advising our clients regarding their rights and obligations pursuant to their existing contracts.  In addition, we also have substantial experience in drafting contracts, revising contracts, and counseling clients on key negotiation points to raise with the other parties prior to execution.  By fully understanding all key terms of a contract and working with attorneys to make sure their rights are protected, businesses can gain the necessary leverage to negotiate the contracts they enter into in their favor.

If your business is considering entering into a new contract but needs counsel regarding the legal effect of its terms and identifying key negotiations points, or if your business is a party to an existing contract but would like clarification regarding its terms or the possibility of revising or negotiating its terms, contact the Business Law Group for a free consultation to discuss the best strategy for proceeding.

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