What To Do If You Get Sued

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If you have never been involved in a lawsuit, being served with legal process and notice that you are a defendant can be an unnerving situation. In almost all cases, after the plaintiff files a complaint to initiate the lawsuit, the defendant must be served with summons and a copy of the complaint for the court to have personal jurisdiction over the defendant.  The complaint sets forth the claims against you, and the summons identifies when and where to file an appearance in the case. Once you have been served, you should do two things: 1.) preserve any evidence related to the dispute, and 2.) contact an attorney.  Your attorney can help you evaluate the strength of the claims made against you, any potential defenses you may have, and any counterclaims that you can assert.  Having a competent attorney that is experienced in civil litigation can have a significant impact on your case. At the Business Law Group, we have extensive experience representing clients in all types of civil litigation.  If you have been served with legal process and are named as a defendant in a lawsuit, contact the Business Law Group today and speak to an attorney.  We will help you navigate the legal process and dedicate our efforts to assisting you in receiving the best possible result in your case.

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