Defamation Claims

All too frequently people make false statements about other individuals or businesses. When false statements are made and those false statements result in harm being caused to the person or business that was the subject of the false statement, then the person or business that was the subject of the false statement likely has a cause of action for defamation against the person who made the false statement. Depending on the nature of the false statement, you may not even need to prove the damage or harm caused, because some types of false statements result in the harm or damage being implied.

Defamation can cause substantial harm to a person. It may affect their career or how their colleagues perceive them.  It may affect their ability to earn wages both now and in the future. In addition, defamation can also cause substantial harm to a business.  It may cause a decrease in sales, a loss of customers, and harm to business relationships with employees, vendors, and other third parties. Parties that prevail on defamation claims have the ability to not only recover monetary damages to compensate them for their actual losses, but also the possibility of substantial punitive damages to punish the person who made the false statement for their wrongful conduct.

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