General Counsel

In addition to corporate, employment, and contract issues, businesses face a wide variety of legal issues that affect the success of their operation. When a business faces an important legal decision but doesn’t fully understand the significance of the legal issues involved, the business owners and/or key decision makers should always consult their attorneys prior to making the decision. Uninformed legal decisions often lead businesses into unanticipated litigation, which can be expensive and time consuming. The attorneys at the Business Law Group have provided general counsel to hundreds of businesses in an assortment of various industries regarding a broad range of legal issues that affect their operations. By providing a full understanding of the law regarding the key legal issues that our business clients face, we help business owners and other key decision makers shape fully informed legal and business decisions before implementing them in their operation.

If your business is facing an important business or legal decision and you don’t fully understand the legal ramifications of the decision, contact the Business Law Group for a free consultation to discuss the best strategy for proceeding. If your business faces important legal decisions, such as employment decisions, contract interpretations, business negotiations or any of the other key business decisions that involve legal issues, then please consider our General Counsel Packages, which provide a full suite of services to our business clients for a flat monthly fee.

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